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“I have been a dental patient of Dr. Mischley’s for many years and have always been happy with the services I have received. From the friendly staff and professional atmosphere, I highly recommend Dr. Mischley and the pain-free service. i like the new technologies the office uses, as well.”
— Glenn F.


“Dr. Mischley has been our family dentist for a while, we have always been very happy with him. Recently, however, I came down with a severe toothache on a Thursday. I called Friday, but he was off. They had me come in to just check on it, and possibly prescribe some painkillers to get me through until he was back the following week. After X-raying it, they called Dr. Mischley at home, and he dropped everything to come in and perform an emergency root canal on me, 45 minutes after they called him. To have a dentist that would give up his own time to make sure one of his patients is comfortable over a weekend speaks volumes. We are very happy to have him as our dentist, and hope to continue with him for many years to come.”
— Steve P.


“I literally JUST had my first visit (cleaning), and it was great enough that I am immediately writing a review. The reception is warm and friendly. The care is exceptional. My cleaning was THOROUGH, and never once painful (even during the X-rays, which no one really enjoys). Honestly, I can't say enough positive things about this practice. And I’m very picky when it comes to dental offices. Oh, and they are definitely top-notch when it comes to the technology they use.”
— Maggie O’Brien


“My first experience with Dr. Mischley was during an emergency situation. I was welcomed immediately to the office and treated in an unhurried, reassuring, and welcoming way by Dr. Mischley himself. As a result of that experience I have become a regular patient at this office. Dr. Mischley is very professional, skilled, gentle, and has a very calming presence. This is particularly important to me having come from an early age of dentistry, i.e., pre-Novocain, with a ‘fear of the dentist’ mentality. I actually look forward to my checkups at this point and don’t have my pre-visit ‘jitters’ any more. My level of confidence with him is extremely high! In fact, I have convinced my wife and adult children to switch to this practice. Since my first visit, I have been back many times for normal dental care and also two dental implants. The implant process could be the subject of another review, but in a nutshell, Dr. Mischley makes this procedure seem very easy. The office environment is very impressive: clean, bright, and very modern/high tech in appearance. Compared to what I had been experiencing with my previous dentist, I know now that I am in a 21st-century-equipped setting! The online access to records/visit history and other information is so convenient. As you may guess, I am very high on this dentist. I strongly urge anyone reading this review to call Dr. Mischley’s office to make your first appointment with him. You will receive the highest quality care!”
— Ronald C.