Same Day Crowns | Walpole, MA

What is this?!

lap top opened with image on screenWhy this is our new CAD CAM milling machine that allows us to make a crown right here in the office, same day, while you wait! Now 95% of the time if you need a crown we will prepare your tooth accordingly, take a digital scan of the preparation, one of the opposing teeth and one to show how they come together. Approximately 40 minutes later a crown milled of the latest and one of the strongest materials available for crowns will be bonded in place and you’re done! That’s it. Instead of two appointments and having to wait three weeks in between with a temporary you have to be careful with, it will now all be done in one appointment. One visit. No more bitting into “GOOP”. No more gagging! No more having temporaries pop off or break because you forgot and bit down on it!

Are You Ready to Restore Your Smile?

Don’t suffer the consequences of damaged teeth! Dental crowns are natural-looking restorations that can repair severe dental problems. Start smiling better today!

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Same Day Crowns machineDr. Mischley has been watching this CAD CAM technology for many years, waiting for it to evolve to the point that the crowns milled in office would be as good of quality as he has be delivering for the past 20 years, made in the lab he has been using since the first day of practice. That time has come! “CAD CAM”  stands for “computer assisted design – computer assisted manufacturing”. This technology has been used for the past 10 or so years in many industries and has firmly established itself in dentistry and is quickly becoming the standard of care. In fact, dental labs across the country and the world are using this same technology to make the crowns which they are sending to their practices, scanning the standard impressions sent to them by their dentists to digitally work up and fabricate the crowns they send back to the office. Once it became clear that Dr. Mischley’s lab was make upwards of 98% of the crowns send back to him this way, it was an easy decision to invest in this technology.

Besides… it’s really neat!Same Day Crowns machine opened to view inside the machine